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Sta-Set X and PCR End for End Splice

Step 1

Lay out the two ends of the rope to be spliced together as shown in the photo. Mark each rope as follows:

Measure back on long fid section (see above for fid lengths) from the bitter end and make mark "A". Measure a short fid section down from "A" and make mark "B". Measure 1 1/2 full fid lengths down the rope from "B" and make mark "C".  Tie a figure 8 knot 8 to 10 feet down from "C".

 Step 2

Extract the core from each rope at mark "B" as shown. Tightly tape the end of the end of the core. Slide the cover down the core from toward the knot as far as possible. Then smooth the cover back toward the end of the core. Mark core where it exits the cover (mark "1"). Slide cover back down core, measure on short fid length from mark "1" and make mark "2". Place a single wrap of tape around core at mark "2".

Step 3

Taper the end of the core tail and attach Uni-fid (as shown in step 3 of eye splice). Slit and remove the fabric tape covering the core from the tape wrap at mark "2" to the tape holding the Uni-fid, exposing the parallel core yarns. Insert the tip of the Uni-fid into the cover of opposite rope end at mark "A" and work it down the rope and out at mark "C". Do not snag any cover yarns with the tip of the fid. (Slack may be introduced into the cover to open it up by either milking the cover up from the knot or pulling out more core from mark "B".) Repeat this process with the remaining core tail.


Step 4

Pull fid and about 4-6 inches of core out of rope at mark "C". Remove Uni-fid. Measure and mark 1 short fid section from the end of the core. Fan out end of core and cut a 45 degree angle, from the mark to the end.

Step 5

From mark "A" on cover, count 5 pics toward end of cover tail. Unbraid cover from end back to this point and cut at a 45 degree angle (as described above).

Step 6

Carefully pull core back out of cover at mark "A" until mark "2" on core (where tape was applied in step 2) lines up with mark "A". This is the crossover point. Tightly tape the tapered end of the cover to the core starting from mark "A" and working toward the end of the cover. Use masking tape and overlap each wrap of tape as little as possible. After taping, roll the taped section between your hands to smooth the taped area. Hold the rope at mark "A" and smooth cover towards knot. Tapered core tail will disappear into rope. Repeat process with other core tail.

Step 7

Bury the exposed crossovers one at a time by alternately attaching each knot to a secure anchor point. Bury the exposed section of the splice by milking the cover back up the rope from the knot. Keep the exposed core under tension while milking the cover. If rope gets tight when the crossover is being buried, flex and/or hammer the crossover to loosen the fiber. Continue process until each crossover is buried (up to mark "A"). Seize, cross-stitch, and whip the splice.

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