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Double Braid Back Splice

Step 1

Tie a slip knot about 5 fid lengths from end of the rope. Measure back 1 short fid section from the end and mark the cover. 

Step 2

Extract core at mark on cover as shown in step two of the eye splice instructions. Mark core where it comes out of the cover. Pull more core out of the cover and make a mark 1/2 of a short fid section back from Mark "1", this is Mark "2". Mark the core again one short fid section back from Mark "2". This is Mark "3". 

Step 3

Insert cover tail into core at Mark "2" and out at Mark "3". Cut cover tail on 45 degree taper. Hold core tail so that "2" snugs up to extraction point marked on the cover and smooth from "2" to "3" to bury cover tail.


Step 4

Smooth cover from slip knot to splice to bury the exposed core. The "eye" will invert and bury, leaving the core tail to be cut as shown.

Untie slip knot and continue to smooth, eliminating all cover slack. Remnants of core tail will disappear. Roll in hands to round.

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