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Double Braid End-for-End Splice Instructions

Step 1

MARK/EXTRACT- Mark the two ends in the same manner as step 1 of the Double Braid Eye Splice directions. (Use 1 short fid length as the measurement from "A" to "B" to replace the "eye size")Tie slip knots on each end as per previous directions. Extract and mark cores per step 2 of eye splice directions.


Step 2

INSERT COVER INTO CORE/TAPER- Attach fid to cover tail 1 and insert into core 2. Repeat with cover tail 2 and core 1. Cut and remove marked strands per step 4 in eye splice directions.


Step 3

INSERT CORE INTO COVER- Insert core tail 1 into cover tail 2 at "C", per step 5 in eye splice directions. Repeat with core tail 2 into cover tail 1.

Step 4

TIGHTEN CROSSOVER/BURY TAILS- Taper the core tails as per step 6 on eye splice directions. Hold the rope at the crossover and smooth down each side to bury tails.

Step 5

TO BURY THE CROSSOVER POINTS, USE THE DIRECTIONS IN STEP 7 OF EYE SPLICE.- Some slack mat develop between points "A" and "B", the eye portion of the splice. Smooth the slack from "A" toward "B" and sharply yank "A" away from "B". Stitch and whip each end at Mark "B" and seize the crossover area.

Constant diameter splices, which reduce the diameter of the crossover area to approximate the rope's actual diameter, will significantly reduce strength performance. Please contact a qualified rigger for assistance.

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