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12-Strand Single Braid Eye Splice (Bury)

Use for Regatta Braid

Step 1

From the rope's bitter end, measure back one full fid length. Place a mark on the rope. "A". Put a single wrap of tape at the bitter end. (Fig 1)(A fid length equals 21 times the diameter of the rope or 7 times the circumference.)

Step 2

Form the desired eye size and mark the point opposite "A". This will be mark "B". (Fig 1)

Step 3

From mark "B", measure down the rope one full fid plus half fid, this will be mark "C". (Fig 1)

Step 4

From point "A", counting toward the bitter end, count out 6 pics. (A pic is the V shaped strand pair you can see as you look down onto the top of the rope.) Mark this pair and continue down the rope, marking every fifth pair as shown.

Step 5

Cut and remove these strands back to the bitter end.

Step 6

Re-tape the bitter end and attach it to your splicing tool. Insert this tool at "B" and exit at "C". Pull through until "A" and "B" line up. Remove the tool and tape wrap from the exposed tail. (Fig 2)

Step 7

Firmly grasp the rope at the point where "A" and "B" meet. Smooth the rope away from this point, up the standing part of the line. The tapered tail will withdraw into the rope.

Step 8

We recommend lock stitching and whipping the splice.

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