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Rope and Wire Products At Rope inc., we sell all rope products including hardware. We also sell stainless wire, PVC coated wire and others. Use the links on the left for rope we stock for sale by spool and cut lengths. See the product use list below. Use the Retail Rope Catalog for pricing.

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Ropes made of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Spectra, Vectran, Dyneema, Manila and other materials for:

Click for Pleasure Marine Rope PLEASURE MARINE ROPE
Rope, Inc. supplies Dock Lines, Anchors and Chain, Fenders, Sailing Gear, Tender Lifting and Chafe Gear specifically for yacht and boat applications.

Rope, Inc. manufactures Mighty Tow!, a superior tender towing system ideal for towing tenders used by yachts.
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Click for Climbing Rope CLIMBING ROPE
Find climbing ropes used in Mountain Climbing, Rappelling and other applications using Static ropes, Dynamic ropes and accessory cord products.
Click for Industrial Rope INDUSTRIAL / UTILITY ROPE
See industrial and utility ropes for industrial and other applications using specialized rope for Winches, Line Pulling, Safety and many other uses.
Click for Stage Rigging and Set Design Rope STAGE RIGGING/ SET DESIGN ROPE
Rope, Inc. provides Stage Rrigging and Set Design ropes for theater and stage use.
Click for Commercial Marine And Heavy Rope COMMERCIAL MARINE ROPE
Rope, Inc. provides heavy marine and commercial marine ropes for Towing, Mooring, Marine Construction, Pendants, Commercial Fishing and all other commercial marine rope applications.
Click for Commercial Marine And Heavy Rope ARCHITECTURAL, DECORATIVE ROPE AND CABLE
Rope, Inc. has decorative rope for all applications. Steel cable and turnbuckles are also available for architecural applications.
Click for Commercial Marine And Heavy Rope MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT ROPE
Rope, Inc. is a General Contractor Registration Member available to give bids for military and civilian government contracts. Whether land, sea or air Rope, Inc. has the rope product at competive rates for your project.
1 x 7 Wire Rope from Rope inc. Stainless 304, 305, 316, PVC Coated Wire in 1 x 7, 1 x 19, 7 x 7, and 7 x 19 construction for:
  • Davits and lifting cranes
  • Life lines
  • Standing rigging
  • Tie down cables
In addition we have Dyform® wire for standing rigging and 304 Non-Rotational wire for use in davits and cranes.

*Dyform® is a registered trademark of Bridon International Ltd.

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