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By John Clemans

When selecting the proper-length dockline for your boat, itís better to have lines that are too long than too short. Always have extra lines on hand. Any knot or splice in a line is its weakest point, so two lines tied together are weaker than a single, continuous line. Mike Burrelle of line specialists Nance & Underwood, 954-764-6001; (editor's note: Nance & Underwood is the parent company of Rope inc.) in Ft. Lauderdale recommends lines that are at least half the length of the boat for bow and stern lines and the full length of the boat for spring lines.

Nance & Underwood is an excellent source for rope and lines and for advice on the proper fibers, lengths, etc., for your needs. The prices for rope at specialty shops like Nance & Underwood are often less than prices youíll find in marine supply houses, and such shops will splice lines for your boat. The rope specialists at Nance & Underwood will customize lines for your boat at a very reasonable price.

The most important line specification is strength, which depends on the diameter of the line, its construction and the material itís made ofóthe particular grade of nylon, for example. Strength is stated in both working load and tensile strength. Hereís a comparison of the tensile strength of three different varieties of 3/4" nylon rope: single braid, 15,000 lbs.; three-strand, 16,700 lbs.; double-braid, 19,400 lbs. Charts showing recommended diameters in relation to boat length and weight are available from manufacturers and in marine-supply catalogs, as well as from suppliers like Nance & Underwood.

Excerpted from an article by: Motor Boating Magazine
By John Clemans

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