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     Click through the splices listed below for a complete step by step explanation with pictured examples of rope splices. Find also below a glossary of terms used in these instructions.
3 Strand Eye Splicing Instructions
Double Braided Ropes 12-Strand Single Braid
Sta-Set X and PCR Core-to-Core Eye Splice
     Our skilled staff at Rope inc. can provide custom splicing for dock lines, running rigging and anchor gear, as well as leather and fabric chafe gear. Contact Us for more information regarding custom splicing.

Glossary of terms used in these instructions

Strand - A strand in a braided rope is a group of one or more yarns which follow the identical path through the rope.

Pik - A pik is the exposed area of a strand traveling in a straight line along the axis of the rope. In a cover braid there are normally 16, 20, 24, or 32 strands. Strands that revolve to the right are usually referred to as "Z" strands. Strands that revolve to the left are "S" strands. In these instructions we also refer to "strand pairs" since braided ropes are constructed with "S" and "Z" strands for a balanced, torque-free construction.

End - An end is simply one of the twisted yarns that make up the strand. We use either 1, 2, 3, or more ends to make a strand in a cover braid. There can be more ends in a core braid.

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