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Anchor Lines
Made to withstand weather and wear, our premium nylon lines are available in 3-strand, 8-strand, 12-strand (Mega Braid) and Double Braid. Your anchorline is handspliced over a high performance stainless steel thimble or directly to chain.

Custom Anchor Lines

Although 3-strand is the tried and true traditional anchorline, 8 and 12-strand lines absorb more energy at the same load than 3-strand, making them the preferred choice for anchoring. These braids reduce pull-out strain of the anchor, and translates to a lower load and less wear and tear for deck hardware. This line will remain easy to handle, flexible, extremely strong and very abrasion resistant. Double braid anchorline is slightly stronger than our 3-strand line, but has less stretch. You can choose either black or white in the 3, 8 and 12-strand lines. Choose from black, white, navy blue or hunter green in double braid, to give your boat a professional look.

Custom Anchor Lines

Get the latest colors and specifications, too in our Retail Catalog.

Talk to us about an Anchor Snubber to take wave and surge strain off your deck equipment. They will also solve noise problems from chain rubbing against the hull or bobstay. These lines are handspliced with a chain hook or chain claw to best accommodate your specific needs.

Contact Us to quote pricing for your anchorline. We have the best prices and availabilty by far.

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