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Puget Sound Ropes Plasma Rope is the world's strongest rope for its weight. Puget Sound Rope has pioneered this unique and durable product that's strong enough to pull ships. The 12 x 12, the newest braided hawser is composed of 12 strands of PlasmaŽ12-Strand. This patented construction makes it the first truly repairable braided rope.

Plasma 12-strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Plasma Rope is manufactured from Honeywell Spectra Fiber that has been enhanced by Puget Sound Rope's patented re-crystallization process. Strengths are over 50% higher and creep is significantly less than that of standard Spectra 12-strand. This rope can be easily stowed, handles effortlessly and floats!

Plasma Rope
Rope inc. stocks Plasma Rope (also known as "Purple Rope") for use in towing applications particuarily for our Mighty Tow!, the Rope inc. customized towing bridle for tender towing. Purple Plasma Rope is also used for towing cars or trucks and for 4X4 winches.

See sizes available and prices on the Rope inc. Catalog page for Spectra 12 Strand rope.

Contact Us to quote pricing for your Plasma Rope. We have the best prices and availabilty by far.

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