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Performance Racing Rope What does performance mean to you?
If you’re an AC syndicate racer, you’re looking for ultra high strength and ultra low stretch. If you’re a casual cruiser, it’s great handling and durability. If you’re a power boater, it’s that extra bit of stretch and strength whenever the wind kicks up at anchor or at the dock.

How does New England Ropes consistently deliver such performance, regardless of application?
It comes down to the choices we create and make available in both fiber and construction.

For your “great race,” we’ve developed matchless high modulus fiber lines to give you a lasting competitive edge.
For family cruising, peace of mind comes in the form of high quality polyester lines that are durable, UV resistant, and comfortable to grip and handle.
For docking or mooring, our nylon lines withstand the sea's fury to ensure the safety of your boat.
One of the building blocks of any line, regardless of the ultimate use, is fiber. We feel that it is important for you, as the end-user expecting certain performance, to have a basic understanding of the characteristics of the various fibers used in the manufacture of rope today. The table below will help:

Fiber Characteristics
So where should these fibers be used?
Nylon: Applications where strength and shock absorption are important, i.e. dock and anchor lines.

Polyester: Situations where strength, low stretch, and durability are key, i.e. most running rigging applications.

HMPE, Aramids, and LCP: These are all generic fiber types. HMPE refers to Dyneema or Spectra; Aramids refer to Kevlar, Technora and Twaron, while LCP refers to Vectran. These are all considered very high performance fibers exhibiting very high strength and extremely low stretch but come with a high price tag. Generally found on very serious racing sailboats and larger yachts for running rigging.

Polypropylene: Applications where lightweight or very low cost is important such as light air spinnaker sheets or barrier rope for swimming.

Color Code Line Selection Guide

Use our Line Selection Guide to find the New England Ropes product that is right for you.

Click the small table image below to open the guide (176 Kb). Next, pick the level of performance you desire from the product. At New England Ropes, we identify three levels of performance: Cruising, Club Racing, and Grand Prix Racing, our "Good, Better, and Best". Next, find your boat length in feet and locate the product that best meets your needs by cross referencing the color in the cell with the color coding key to the left. The cell will also suggest the optimum size/diameter of line for you. (For example, a customer who wants a mainsheet with the best level of performance for a boat that is 32 feet in length would select 10mm Endura Braid.)  

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Performance Specifications

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As an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, our commitment is to utilize all our resources to maintain our position as one of the leading innovators in rope performance and technology. At New England Ropes we select only the highest quality fiber from leading worldwide suppliers. What you should know about construction. At New England Ropes we utilize many different types of constructions. Most people recognize three strand, single braid and double braid as the basic methods of twisting or braiding fibers into a finished line. The process of twisting fibers by its very nature reduces strength and increases stretch.

Replace Your Wire Halyards With All Rope Halyards

Rope halyards are easier to handle and significantly lighter than wire halyards. Sta-Set X or Sta-Set X Plus is an ideal replacement for wire halyards on cruising yachts. For race boats and large cruising yachts, use V-100 or T-900. Wire Halyards Replacement

At New England Ropes, we pioneered a fourth construction technique called parallel (fiber) core construction (Sta Set X). By keeping the fibers in parallel, we align the fibers with little or no twist. Our patented construction technique of wrapping the core and braiding a cover produces a line that has higher strength and significantly less stretch than a comparable single or double braid. Innovation, experience, and high standards of quality are what set New England Ropes apart from the field.

Performance Lines Selections

Endura Braid, Endura 12, T-900
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V-100, V-12, HRC
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Finish Line, Spyderline, Fight Line
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Sta-Set X Line, Bzzz Line, Salsa Line
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The challenge is to blend the fiber's characteristics and our years of design and manufacturing experience into finished products that perform to your exacting standards. Those standards depend on your particular application and expectations. Predictability and control of strength, stretch, and durability are the ultimate goals for rope performance of all boaters. Our choice of materials, construction techniques, and years of experience makes New England Ropes the leader in Rope Technology.

How do we at New England Ropes define performance…?

Exactly as you choose to define it.

That’s performance GUARANTEED.

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