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Splicing Guide for Sta-Set X and PCR


Sta-Set X unidirectional 100% polyester rope

Using a patented process, we've created a brand new kind of parallel core rope that, size-for-size, has the least amount of stretch of any other polyester rope. This process wraps a bundle of parallel, high tenacity fibers with a special fabric tape to create a firm, round core with maximum tensile translation.

Unlike double braids, where 50% of the strength resides in the cover, the strength of the Sta-Set X is in the core, where it is protected by the wrap and a braided jacket that provides good grip and an easy hand.

Sta-Set X, initially, is a firm rope construction due to a water soluble sizing used in the manufacturing process. The sizing will wash out in use aboard a boat. But even though Sta-Set X softens with use, it may be too stiff for use in some applications where radical bending or exceptional flexibility are critical requirements. For those applications, we recommend using our polyester Sta-Set double braid.

Sta-Set X is ideal for all rope halyards, sheets, afterguys, running backstays and all other applications where low stretch and high stretch strength are critical, and where a slightly stiffer rope than our double braid can be accommodated.


Seize by whipping or stitching the splice to prevent the crossover from pulling out under an unbalanced load. To cross-stitch, mark off six to eight rope diameters from throat in one rope diameters increments (stitch length). Using the same material as cover braid, if available, or waxed whipping thread, start at bottom at least eight inches off the tail exposed for knotting and work toward the eye where you then cross-stitch, working back toward starting point. Cut off thread leaving an eight inch length and double knot as close to the rope as possible. Trim thread to a one inch length, and bury remaining thread and knot into rope.

  As a general rule of thumb, if you whip the rope, do so for a length three times the rope diameter and hold it in place with cross-stitching. Use the same material as the cover braid if available, or waxed whipping thread.


Splicing into a thimble or shackle

  To splice into a thimble with ears, shackle, or similar item, simply follow the directions in step 1 of the splicing instructions, using the thimble or shackle bale to determine the size eye. Extract the core and insert the core through the bale or around the bale as illustrated above. The eye splice is then completed in a normal fashion with one exception: before the final bury, slide thimble around to cover side of eye. (See illustration below.) For a thimble without ears: insert thimble into eye before final burying of splice.


Used Rope

Soaking the section of used rope to be spliced in water will loosen and lubricate the fibers and make the splice easier to perform. Through use and exposure to the elements, the fibers in a used rope have probably lost some of their original strength. In addition, some shrinkage has probably occurred, making this splice the most difficult to perform.

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