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Mooring Line Being Whipped for Client in the Exuma Islands, The Bahamas

Rope Inc. has three large mooring orders for three international clients. We have the specialized ropes, rigging, people and skills to put together large projects.

Seen above is some of the work being done for a client in the Exuma Islands, The Bahamas for a 136 foot yacht. The mooring consists of three 2,000 Lb. anchors attached to a riser with 1 1/2 inch chain. From the mooring ball extends a bridle pendant of 1 5/8" AmSteel Blue with 283,000 Lbs. tensile strength.

Seen below is some of the work being done for a client in Greece who requires a mooring assembly for a 165 foot yacht.

Mooring Pendant

See the movie below for the thimble assembly being pressed to accommodate a mooring system for a dry dock in St. Thomas, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Rope, inc. can accommodate any mooring order of any size to be shipped anywhere in the world.

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