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Onager Punkin Chunkin Catapult Team Torsion Catapult Rope Test
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The Oranger Catapult Team can't thank you enough for the support of Rope Inc. for the Plasma 12 Strand Rope by Puget Sound used for the Onager Torsion Catapult. We placed high in the rankings again this year at the 2011 Punkin Chunkin.

The Onager is a 3 time World Champion in the Torsion Division, and we have competed in the World Championships since 1995. Onager is one of only a handful of catapults to throw over 2,000 feet, and the only catapult to compete in both the American and European Punkin Chunkin Championships.

Bob Carbo
Captain of the ONAGER and Team USA

Rope Inc's. Jack Hutchinson said, "Rope Inc. is happy to support such a worth while endeavor as the Onager Torsion Catapult. What better than to see your team in the Punkin Chunkin contest broadcast on national TV?".

See the videos below for the Onager Team in action at Punkin Chunkin:

Onager Whistler Launch

See the Plasma Rope page on this site.

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