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Onager Catapult Team
Places First
Punkin Chunkin 2013
First Place in the Torsion Division at the Punkin Chunkin World Championships

Onager Punkin Chunkin Catapult Team Jack,
We took first place in the Torsion Division at the Punkin Chunkin World Championships, with the Plasma Rope you supplied for the sling. We had a personal best throw of 3,105 feet into a very strong headwind.

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The Discovery/Science Channel is covering the event again this year. The Discovery/Science Channel will air the Punkin Chunkin special on Thanksgiving night.
Bob Carbo
Captain of the ONAGER and Team USA
World Famous Punkin Chunkers

See the images below for the Onager Team in action at Punkin Chunkin:

Rope inc and Onager Catapult

Punkin Chunkin Success
Punkin Chunkin Success!
Bob and Torrie Myth Buster host Torrie and Bob
Punkin Chunkin Success
Onager Catapult at Punkin Chunkin
Showing "Purple" Plasma Rope
See the Plasma Rope page on this site.

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