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Rope inc. provides climbing rope products from Maxim/New England Ropes and Yale Cordage. Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your climbing, rescue and safety rope needs. Choose one of the two categories below for the fine climbing and safety products supplied by Rope Inc.

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Climbing Rope Care & Usage

Rope Care. A few guidelines about its use will help you increase the life of the rope and assist you in achieving the best performance using these products.

Abrasion and Sharp Edges
Abrasion and sharp edges are a ropeís worst enemies. Check all equipment prior to use to make sure there are no burrs or sharp edges. Always inspect ropes after climbing in abrasive environments to assess damage from wear.

Dirt can penetrate a rope resulting in abrasion. To clean your rope, wash it with fresh water and air-dry out of direct sunlight. For a more thorough cleaning, soak your ropes in warm water with a rope cleaning agent. When possible, use a front-loading washer; otherwise, wash your rope in a mesh bag or pillowcase to avoid tangling. Rinse thoroughly and then hang up to dry out of direct sunlight.

Eliminating Twist
Twist increases the likelihood of kinking and jamming in equipment. Severe twist can cause the rope to get out of round, resulting in higher wear rates and reduced strength. Eliminating twist from a rope makes the rope easier to handle and increases its life. Eliminate twist by uncoiling properly and laying the rope out straight and dragging it while the loose end is left free to unwind. Coiling in figure eights or stuffing in a rope bag will prevent twist in a rope during storage.

Chemicals: Synthetic fibers have good chemical resistance. However, exposure to harsh chemicals, such as acids and alkalis, should be avoided.

Damage: Inspect all ropes before every use for signs of wear or damage. Retire any rope that is cut or abraded.

Sunlight: With time, all synthetic fibers will undergo degradation when exposed to sunlight.

TPT Technology
Twill Pattern Technology (TPT) is a special cover deisgn resulting in a twill pattern (over two, under one) or weave. This design results in a cover/shealth that has a smaller profile in cross- section than plain pattern sheaths - the more traditional-looking climbing rope cover/sheath. For the climber, this means improved abrasion resistance over abrasive surfaces due to the smaller profile, as well as significantly reduced drag in carabiners and machanical devices.

Bi-Pattern ropes change pattern at their midpoint to permanently mark the center of the rope in a way that is easily visible to the climber. Unlike bi-color ropes, the midpoint of a Bi-Pattern rope is the result of a change in pattern by repositioning the bobbins on the braider during the manufactering process. No fibers are cut, tied or spliced during this process. Bi-Patterns are a safer alternative to marking the midpoint because there is no danger of fiber quality becoming compromised by pigments or other chemicals in commerically available markers and pens.

Endura Dry and 2X Dry
Endura Dry is a mult-stage application process. For standard dry ropes, the coating is applied to the individual core yarns prior to the braiding process. All New England Ropes have dry- treated cores surrounded by a durable, protective nylon sheath to lock in the water-blocking power of the coating. Select models of New England Ropes are 2X Dry (have a dry treated core and cover) - ropes treated a second time by submerging the finsihed rope in our proprietary dry coating. We then cure the finished product using an environmentally controlled process, creating a chemical bond between coating and fibers. Endura Dry does more than keeps water out of your rope. The coating also lubricates individual core fibers, improving resistance to internal abrasion that can occur benealth the surface where you cannot see it.


Disclaimer: Specifications and prices are believed accurate but must be confirmed upon ordering.

Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your climbing, rescue and safety rope needs.
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