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Mega Yacht Dock Lines
Megayachts Dock Rope

Rope inc. provides Polydyne Ropes for mega yachtsfrom Yale Cordage. Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your rope needs.

See Polydyne Ropes for dock lines from Yale Cordage supplied by Rope Inc. below.

8 Strand Plait Data Construction: Core: Nylon. Sleeve: Polyester.

Polydyne™ has a traditional double-braid construction utilizing the features of polyester and nylon fibers to maximize its strength and energy absorption capabilities. The braided nylon core load shares with the braided abrasion resistant polyester cover. Excellent candidate for applications where controlled elongation is required and peak cycle loads are incurred.

Specific Gravity: 1.24

Color Code: White with two alternate Green ID strands

Maxijacket™ Urethane Coated Color: Yellow( D )

Elastic Elongation

The colored area under the curve represents the rope’s energy-absorption capability.

Green working 1,040 ft. lbs./lb.
Red ultimate 9,700 ft. lbs./lb.


Disclaimer: Specifications and prices are believed accurate but must be confirmed upon ordering.

Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your boating rope needs.
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