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Rope inc. provides Cruising PhD Ropes from Yale Cordage. Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your cruising sailboat needs.

See Cruising PhD Yale Ropes information for cruising sailboats from Yale Cordage supplied by Rope Inc. below.


Yacht Braid

  • Grips in your hands comfortably, making sheets easier to grab, hold, adjust, and control. No more wrestling with hard, wiry ropes.

  • Grips winch surfaces securely, so you can use fewer wraps to control loads more easily; release more smoothly and cleanly; and minimize slipping, catching, and stuttering.

  • Grips and holds highly loaded knots and hitches.

  • Glides through blocks faster and more smoothly for more effective trimming, tacking, and gybing. Ph.D. even glides around shrouds and other high-friction areas more easily than standard sheets. Enables much smoother spinnaker handling.

  • Glides when released without kinking or hockling. There's no bulky core-and-jacket combo to hold a show-stopping twist!

  • Ultra-lightweight sheet also compacts nicely for easy storage.


Disclaimer: Specifications and prices are believed accurate but must be confirmed upon ordering.

Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your cruising sailboat rope needs.
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