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Puget Sound Rope Puget Sound Rope, Samson Rope Technologies and New England Ropes ensure that every rope produced meets or exceeds Rope Inc.ís expectations. We can provide testing, quality control, documentation, technical support, customer service, and reporting procedures to meet any heavy marine and industrial need.

Rope, Inc. knows that Puget Sound Rope manufactures high performance braided rope for demanding applications. These heavy marine ropes are carefully engineered to take full advantage of the physical and chemical properties of the various fibers employed. The extra cost of high performance rope is often offset by longer life and superior strength allowing the use of smaller, lighter rope. Below are a few successful applications for our high performance braided rope:

Heavy Marine Towing Lines from Rope, inc.
Puget Sound Ropes Samson Rope Technologies
Heavy Marine Towing
New England Ropes
Emergency Tow Systems

Tug Boats

  • Ship Assist
  • Escort
  • Harbor Work
  • Salvage
  • Long Haul Towing
  • River Towboats
  • Offshore Towboats
Barge Tie-Up Lines

Mooring Lines

Marine Construction

Towing Pendants & Grommets

  • Winch Lines
  • Pulling Lines
Commercial Fishing

  • Purse Lines
  • Trawl Net Lines
  • Gillson Lines
  • Buoy Mooring
  • Array Towing
  • ROV Tethers

Samson Rope Commercial Marine Mooring Lines

High tech synthetic fibers are designed to replace traditional wire rope mooring lines.

These high tech mooring lines are a fraction of the weight of traditional wire mooring lines, as strong if not stronger in some cases, they have similar characteristics regarding stretch, have a longer service life and they are much easier to handle given the lighter weight.

Commercial Marine Mooring Lines

Commercial Marine Mooring Lines


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