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Rope inc. provides climbing rope products from Yale Cordage. Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your Rappelling, Caving, Rescue Fixed-rope Applications rope needs. See Tech-Kern Rappelling Line supplied by Rope Inc. below.

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Tech-Kern Rappelling Line  

Product Description:
Tech-Kern™ is a Kernmantle style rope consisting of a braided Technora Aramid core covered by a 48-strand Technora mantle. If you are familiar with our Kernmaster you already know the advantages of a braided core rappelling line.

The Tech-Kern was designed to bring the highest heat resistance to the market as Technora has a high melt point and acts as a heat sink when used in frictional applications as with descent devices.

If heat is on your mind consider Tech-Kern.

Diameter Average Spliced  Minimum Spliced Max Working Weight
Inches (mm) Break Strength* Break Strength* for a Person** Lbs/ Kg/
    Lbs Kg Lbs Kg Lbs Kg 100ft 100m
.45 (11.4) 21,000 9,530 18,900 8,580 2,100 950 7.6 11.3

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lowers the maximum working load.

** For situations where a person is NOT on the rope, the working load may be doubled.

Specific Gravity: 1.4

Tech-Kern Chart


Disclaimer: Specifications and prices are believed accurate but must be confirmed upon ordering.

Contact Us to quote availabilites and pricing for your climbing, rescue and safety rope needs.
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