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Choosing Dock and Mooring Line


Guide Lines for Choosing the Right Dock Line and Mooring Rope for Your Boat

Boats under 20 feet generally use 3/8" line: Click for Larger
Click for Larger
Our dock and mooring lines are made to order,
are professionally spliced and the bitter end
is hand whipped to prevent the line from unraveling.

20 feet to 30 feet use 1/2" line
30 feet to 40 feet use 5/8" line
40 feet to 70 feet use 3/4" line
70 feet to 90 feet use 7/8" line
90 feet to 110 feet use 1" line
110 feet to 130 feet use 1-1/8" line
130 feet to 150 feet use 1-1/4" line
150 feet to 180 feet use 1-1/2" line
180 feet to 200 feet use 1-3/4" line
If your boat is heavier than average, or has greater windage,
or is docked where it is subjected to surge, you should choose the next larger size.
    As a general rule, the length of bow and stern lines should equal two-thirds of your boat's overall length. Spring lines should be slightly longer, approximately the same length as your boat. Spring lines keep the boat snugly near the dock by preventing it from moving fore or aft, while allowing for the rise and fall of the tide. Keep in mind; the position of cleats on your boat and dock may affect the length of the dockline.

    Unless your boat is unusually heavy or will be subjected to severe conditions, a bow line, stern line, and two spring lines are recommended. If your permanent slip has outboard pilings as well, you will need an additional bow and stern line.

    When making a choice of line for your boat, keep in mind that 12-strand (Mega braid or Brait) line is not as strong as double braid line and colored line is not as strong as white line. Different braids have different attributes and tensile strengths can vary by as much as 15%. Make your choice accordingly.

    Rope inc. recommends using nylon rope for dock and mooring lines; the stretch characteristics of nylon absorb shock and will resist damaging cleats on your boat and on your dock. Nylon is available in 3-strand or twisted line, 8-strand, 12-strand or Mega Braid and in a double braid or yacht braid.

    Our dock and mooring lines are made to order, are professionally spliced and the bitter end is hand whipped to prevent the line from unraveling.

    Be sure to use proper chafe protection where dock and mooring lines may rub on chocks, gunwales, hawse pipes or docks. Constant chafing on one area of the line for prolonged periods is a mooring rope's worst enemy; it can quickly wear, melt or cut through in adverse conditions. Ballistic nylon (Cordura) tubing, leather or urethane dips are available for chafe protection if required.

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