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Rope, Inc. makes all sizes of Snubber Lines for Anchor Chains!

    Line Snubber pictured at left fits 5/16" (8mm) to 3/8" (10mm) Chain; it retails for $191.64 and has a working load rating of 3,000 pounds. It is assembled in Rope, Inc.'s facility using New England Ropes Mega Braid and Type 316 Stainless Chain to Rope Eye Grab Hook. Please Contact Us today with any questions you may have.

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    When anchoring, please be reminded that your windlass (no matter which one you own) is not made to withstand the load of your ground tackle. If you are using an all line anchor rode it is very easy to make your line off on a bow cleat after anchoring, but if you are using an all chain rode, a Rope, Inc. Snubber should be used in an effort to take up the shock load of the chain. Chain does not stretch but the nylon line used in Rope, Inc.ís Snubber will. Using a Rope, Inc. Snubber properly prevents transferring shock load from the chain to your windlass and boat. Boats that do not use Snubbers will more than likely have Windlass failures or worse, break loose when experiencing heavy winds and wave action.

Snubber Line for Anchor Chain

    Using a Rope, Inc. Snubber is easy and doesnít take much time at all. When your anchor is set, simply place the Stainless Steel Hook over a link of chain, then let out enough chain to position the Hook about half of the distance between the anchor roller and the water. After this is done, simply make the Rope, Inc. Snubber Line off on a cleat or post. Doing this will put a bit of slack in the chain and the Rope, Inc. Snubber will absorb the shock load of the chain. Removing the Rope, Inc. Snubber is easy too; simply pull your anchor rode up until the Stainless Hook gets close to the anchor roller. Then (if you have to use a boat hook or something similar) pull the Hook up to release the chain.

We have the capability of making any size Snubber to fit any size vessel.
Please Contact Us for more information if you have any questions or to order yours today.

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